When it comes to hosts, the PureVPN network has more to offer than PIA. The company has more than 2000 servers in 141 countries. This is a major plus intended for expatriates and long-term travellers. It is also your best option for people who appsindigo.com/ want to reach geo-restricted content.

PureVPN supports selective routing, which enables you to choose how your traffic is normally routed. For example , Netflix or perhaps bit bit-torrent traffic could be routed through your VPN. Great feature is certainly split tunneling, which allows you to use your LAN network while connected to a VPN. The picky routing characteristic can be create to accommodate virtually any situation.

PIA offers a better mobile experience with its programs, which are user friendly and are quickly placed on the device’s taskbar. On cell phones, PIA has a app that allows you to connect to hosts directly from your home screen menu. Although the mobile phone user interface is clean, PIA lacks live discussion support.

PureVPN is more user-friendly, but PIA’s app is a lot easier to use. Additionally, it has more hosts. It is more quickly than PIA in almost every method. PureVPN also has a better speed rating. This means that you are able to browse the web quicker. PureVPN offers more features.

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